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    Organizing a move can be challenging. Some people decide to move on their own, while others prefer to hire movers. Generally speaking, by hiring movers you are ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation. There are a lot of moving companies in Philadelphia, and it can be hard to choose the best one. A lot of people want to compare movers, but they are not sure how to do it or where to begin. You need to know what you need and want. Also, you need to know what to look for when it comes to movers.

    The first step when you compare movers is to know what are you looking for

    Although you probably know what you need in general, you need to consider all the details. Start with the basics – what is the type of your relocation? Do you need local movers or long distance movers Pennsylvania? After you determined this, you need to think about your budget. You need to determine how much money are you ready to pay for your relocation. After this, think about additional services – do you need help packing? Or do you maybe need storage? Or you need to move a piano, pool table, etc?
    These things will help you to determine what you need, and it will help you to narrow down your search. Once you narrowed it down, it will be easy to compare movers and determine what is the best solution for you!

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    Think about what you expect from your potential movers.

    You should start your search online

    Naturally, the first place where you will start your search is the internet. This is the easiest way to gather information and to compare moving companies. Almost every moving company has its website so it will be easy to gather all the information you need. Also, it will be easy to contact them and get a moving estimate. You will see what services they offer, and you will be able to narrow your search. You need certain moving services, and that will be the main factor when it comes to comparing movers.

    Compare moving companies websites

    So, you found a couple of moving companies that you like, and now you need to compare them. The first thing you will notice for sure is the moving companies website. You probably don’t know how to compare moving companies’ websites, but you can learn, and you can be sure that it is very easy. First, you need to compare the look of the website itself. Is it working, is everything clear. After that, you need to check if the website offers all the information you need. One thing that will show you are the movers trustworthy – do they have clearly showed their US DOT number that you can check. If they do – you can be sure that it is usually a good sign!

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    Compare websites to get a clear image of them

    Compare movers reviews

    After you narrowed down your list of potential movers, you now need to check their reviews. You need to check them on various places, not just the movers’ website. This is important since you need to make sure that the reviews are true. When you are comparing movers and their reviews keep in mind that it is normal they have some bad reviews. Read them carefully and don’t make your judgment yet. Go through their positive reviews- are people mentioning delays maybe? If they do, how did they handle delays? Were there any broken items? Did they compensate them? These are all important questions, and you can easily find answers in reviews.

    The next step when you compare movers is to compare moving estimates

    So, you made a list of moving companies you like for now. Their websites seem okay, their reviews are honest. Now, you need to get the moving estimates and compare them. Moving estimates will give you an idea of how much relocation can cost you, and one of the things you should ask your movers is what type of moving estimate they offer. There are two types – binding and non-binding estimate. The binding estimate means that the price you got – you will be paying in the end. A non-binding estimate means that the price can change.

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    Before you sign anything, ask all the questions you need answers to.

    When it comes to estimating, they will usually do it over the phone, online via video call, or in person. Be honest with your potential movers, don’t try to hide things like stairs or big heavy items. It will only affect the price and it will delay the relocation. You need to compare moving companies and find the honest one – but you need to be honest as well.

    What is included in the price?

    One of the things that will help you to compare moving companies is their offer of additional moving services. Are they offering storage in your estimate? You can always try to negotiate with them, but don’t do it at every cost. You should get good and reliable movers, even if it means paying a little extra. One of the best ways to use additional moving services is to get a better deal, and maybe even get them for free. Ask your movers about packing, unpacking – is there any chance they can include something in their price? Or at least can they give you a good discount?

    Once you compare all movers – choose the best option

    Once you have all the information, and you compared all the movers – you can choose. You should choose wisely, and make sure to get the best movers. They do not have to have the cheapest deal – but they should be able to provide you with every moving service you might need. And one of the things that can help you to truly compare movers is how they handle their business during the pandemic. How they are working during the pandemic and are they taking all the precautions. If they do – that can only be a truly good sign. You need the best moving company to take care of you, your belongings, and your relocation.

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