How to prepare your furniture for storage

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    There are many reasons why people use storage units. Either they want more free space at home, looking for a temporary solution, or simply because they can’t move everything at once, it doesn’t matter. Storage units will provide you with a safe place to store your items and rest easy knowing they are well-protected. In the following article, we will discuss more ways to prepare your furniture for storage units. In other words, we will help you prevent any possible damage or unpleasant problems.

    What to do before you prepare your furniture for storage

    Before you even store your furniture in storage units, you will have to take some time and search for a unit. Storing wooden furniture requires a good storage unit that is waterproof, fireproof, and has a constant flow of fresh air. There are the most important requirements a storage unit has to have. Before you prepare your furniture for storage, make sure to invest some time into finding good portable storage units near you. As we said before, those are the most important qualities a storage unit must-have. Next, we need to talk about safety and security. Especially if you are planning to store antique and highly valuable furniture pieces. Good storage units are always under CCTV, have a good lock and a security guard. If you happen to find these qualities in them, then you found the right storage unit for your furniture.

    Storage units you need to clean before you prepare your furniture for storage.
    Clean your unit before you prepare your furniture for storage.

    Cleaning the storage unit

    Before you even begin preparing furniture for storing you will have to deal with the storage unit itself. As well already said before, you will have to find a good storage unit for your furniture. Once you find it, inspect it for everything. Your main worry should be if the unit is leaking. Water, humidity, and mold are some of the biggest reasons why wooden furniture rots during the time in the storage unit. Swipe the floor first, then you can use water to wash it.

    Once it is dried up, covered the floor with either cardboard or blankets. Wooden pallets are great as a base on which you will place your furniture. Because they will keep the items above the ground with at least a couple of inches of space for the air to flow. This is important to remember because that is the one thing that can prevent the mold from happening.

    Transporting furniture

    Sometimes it can be hard to transport all those furniture pieces to the storage. Especially if they are made from high-quality heavy wood. You can easily both injure yourself and damage your items. This is where you need to think about hiring Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia moving company. With years of experience behind them, they will know exactly how to safely lift and transport your heavy items with minimum risks of getting them damaged.

    Gather packing materials

    One of the most important tasks you need to do to properly prepare your furniture for storage is to gather all the necessary packing materials. Luckily, you won’t have to get some special wrappings or specially made supplies. Protecting wood from other elements is simple and you won’t need any special preparations. All you have to remember is the part with the constant airflow. The materials you can use when packing your furniture for storage are:

    • Big blankets or other big fabrics. They are excellent because they can cover large open spaces for your furniture. Furthermore, you can tighten them with rope strings without worrying about damages.
    • Cardboard boxes and used boxes. Cardboard proved to be one of the best solutions when you want to cover your furniture and protect it from the dust particles.
    • Duct tape, so you can further strengthen the wrapping materials.
    • Air-filled wraps. If you have delicate wooden items, then you should most definitely use them

    These items are the perfect choices when you want to put your furniture in the storage unit. Not only that but if you manage to get your hands on residential storage units in PH then you are in luck. Your wooden furniture will be protected at all times and kept under great conditions.

    An image of a blanket.
    Blankets are excellent wrapping materials.

    Dismantle some parts of the furniture if you can

    Some furniture has parts you can take off easily. This is something very useful because if you can dismantle your furniture the packing process will be much easier. Also, those small parts will be easier to wrap and protect before you put them in the storage unit. You do not need some special kind of toolset, just regular screwdrivers, rubber hammer, and pliers. Make sure to put some cloth in pliers so the metal parts won’t damage the wood.

    There is also one other thing you need to remember. You should clean your furniture regularly. Also, if you know how to take care of wooden furniture, you will extend its life. Special coatings and polish can prevent mold from happening on them. This is something very useful if you wish to keep your furniture stored for some time.

    Tools on a table.
    You will only need basic tools.

    Now you can prepare your furniture for storage

    Once everything is ready and complete, you can start storing your furniture. It doesn’t matter for how long you will keep it stored, as long as you did all the above-mentioned steps. They are useful because they will provide your furniture with all the protection it will need and you can focus on other tasks at hand. For example, having to remodel or renovate your home requires emptying it first. Hard work at home can seriously damage your furniture. Which is why it is a good idea to know how to properly put items in a storage unit.

    These tips and tricks can help you a lot when you finish your renovation, mostly making it easy to take all those items out fast and safely. Having to store your furniture can be a really difficult task. Especially if you do not know how to do it properly. Luckily, by now you have learned all the steps you need to take to prepare your furniture for storage. We hope our article helped you with this, and if you wish to tell us about your experience, you can leave a comment.

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