How to decide which storage is suitable for you?

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    If you are in the middle of the moving process or you need extra space for offseason items, finding a good storage unit could be the solution. However, choosing the right type of unit is not as easy as it seems. In order to know which storage is suitable for you, first, you must know more facts about different storage options. Keep reading to find out how to look for the best storage units near your home.

    Where to look for different storage options?

    When it comes to finding the best storage solution for your needs, you must consider a few things first. First, there are many options you can choose from. You could find a quality unit that is too expensive. On the other hand, you could find the unit on a perfect location, but it’s too small for all of your boxes. Before deciding which storage is suitable for you, it’s good to know where to look for storage solutions. Contacting moving companies who specialize in storing and warehousing is often the best way to find a unit that will fit your needs. Besides giving a guarantee for the safety of your belongings, your movers will present you with different options to choose from.

    Man talking with movers.
    Call your moving company because they can help you decide which storage is suitable for you and offer you the service, as well.

    What types of storage should you look for?

    When making a decision about which storage is suitable for your needs, you should know some of the basic options you’ll have. Depending on your needs, you should decide on the timeframe for the rental period. You have short-term and long-term renting.┬áLong-term storage units usually pay off in the long run. Consider getting a climate-controlled unit. If you are in the middle of the move, this option might not be necessary.

    However, storing temperature-sensitive items and antique furniture require special conditions inside the storage facility. Moving companies usually provide better storage quotes. When looking for storage solutions in the middle of the move, you might even save money on renting the unit. The reason is simple. By paying for moving services, the company you hire will probably offer you a discount for storage rental.

    If you are not sure how to decide which storage is suitable for you, there’s an easy solution. What you’ll need to do is to take time to browse the internet and find storage facilities near the place you live in. For example, you could type in the words – climate controlled storage near me – and all the best storage options will pop up. However, if you decided to hire professional movers while relocating, you should check if they provide storage services as well.

    Here’s what you should know before deciding which storage is suitable for you

    Choosing a storage solution will depend on many factors. First, you need to set the budget for this type of service. If possible, you should set aside a little bit more money in order to rent a better quality unit. Second, you should think about whether the location is a priority to you. If you need a huge storage unit for your inventory, it’s better to quality over the unit’s location. If you are in the middle of a Philadelphia move, you should ask your movers to recommend a few solutions. Your Philadelphia movers will most likely provide a storage facility that will fit your needs. Moving companies have all the knowledge needed to safely store any type of inventory.

    Man browsing the internet.
    See what your options are and choose wisely.

    Which storage is suitable for you in size?

    One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when looking for storage in – which size of the unit should you choose? Instead of spending hours calculating, you can do a much simpler thing. Asking a professional moving and storage company for advice could be the best option. Your movers will know how to narrow down different options depending on your needs. Also, your movers will let you know which items you can’t put in storage or load into the moving truck. In the end, if you are in doubt, you should always choose a slightly bigger unit in case you need to store some items later on. By choosing storage that is too small, you will risk the damage to your inventory.

    How to pack inventory for safe storing?

    In order to make a decision regarding which storage is suitable for you, you’ll have to assess your inventory first. No matter which type of items you plan to put in storage, you should learn how to pack for storage like a pro.

    • Pack larger items first. They will make the most of the space inside the unit, and probably be the heaviest the lift.
    • Prepare quality packing supplies. Just because your belongings will sit still inside a storage unit, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t secure them properly.
    • You should plan your packing process depending on the timeframe of renting and the quality of the unit you plan to rent. Before you decide which storage is suitable for you, make sure to check some of the units.
    • Also, remember that even the best facility will not protect your items if you have not packed them properly. For example, if you want to put away some books, you should check if there is a recommended way to pack different books for storage.

    Still, consider hiring professional packers. Most moving companies provide this service during the moving process. besides, it is always recommended to let professionals handle the job. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. To continue, here are some tips you should consider:

    A storage facility you will consider when deciding which storage is suitable for you.
    You should plan your packing process depending on the timeframe of renting and the quality of the unit you plan to rent.

    Now you can choose which is suitable for you

    Having all of this in mind, you will be able to decide which storage is suitable for you and your items. Remember to check what your options are and prepare your items for storing properly. We hope this was helpful and that you will find a solution soon.

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