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    Packing is notoriously boring and confusing. It can take much of your time and we usually end up breaking something because we did not pack a certain box properly. The chance of damaging something is higher if you have more stuff with you. So, if you are moving, and on top of it you are packing for storage, you have got some work ahead of you. Nevertheless, do not worry, we will help you to pack for storage like a pro. Remember, it also applies to regular everyday packing, but with a few additional steps that will preserve your items indefinitely. Let’s take a look.

    Relocation time! This is how to pack for storage like a pro

    First, you must secure all moving stages and make everything ready for your moving day. Have you contacted movers in Greater Philadelphia area already? If not, do it at preferably a month in advance to book a moving date you desire. Communicate the details with your movers and figure out if any moving services are required. Once you strike a deal, assemble a moving contract, and book the professional assistance you deserve.

    But to know the complexity of your move, you must assemble a moving checklist and list down the tasks you must complete. Figure out what you can do yourself and where moving assistance is required. This will give you insight into the time and money you should invest. Overall, it will lead to a much better organization and eventually a successful relocation.

    Sort your things so that you can easily pack for storage like a pro
    Start by going through your stuff. You will surely find items that just take up space.

    Sort out your belongings

    One step on your moving checklist is the size and weight of your cargo. You must shuffle through all your belongings to figure out what to move, store, and get rid of. Start checking room by room and remember to cover all closets, wardrobes, your attic, basement, backyard, garage, and shed.  It is ten times easier if you sort everything out. And remember, in case you have many items and you can’t fit all in your new home, you will for sure need one of the residential storage containers. A lucrative way to store excess items for a low price.

    Moreover, you shouldn’t miss out to do a bit of home decluttering and downsizing. This is the best time to do it. Therefore, while in the shuffling process, make a pile containing items you’ll get rid of. You can either donate to charities, gift, sell online, organize a garage sale, or simply throw away. Whatever suits you best.

    Invest in higher quality packing materials.

    When it comes to the packing materials, you have many choices. But one thing is certain, you should always buy higher-quality ones if your budget allows it. If you are limited, there are still ways to find packing supplies. You can find them at your local grocery store, hardware store, or buy them online. And of course, if you have a stretching budget, your movers can bring a few and help with a packing process. Now, to pack for storage like a pro you’ll need cardboard boxes, plastic bins, or any similar containers. Make sure that they are in good shape and preferably air-tight. Then, you’ll need packing papers, cushions, covers, tape, and labels. Also, a few paddings or pallets as well.

    Woman sitting on the floor cutting bubble wrap.
    Invest in higher-quality packing materials. Your items should have proper protection if you want to pack for storage like a pro.

    Prepare your items systematically to have easy access when you need them. Furniture should always go in first and then smaller items, boxes, and containers. Pack boxes with a cushion inside. You can use towels, blankets, blister packs, etc. Make a nest for other items, fill your box, and use crumpled packing paper or old rags to fill the gaps. Once your box is ready, close it, apply several layers of tape, and label it. Labels are important for both unpacking and finding your items quicker. Also, whoever is carrying them around will know if anything fragile is inside.

    First, check out the furniture

    If you possess robust and hard to handle items, you should disassemble some of them. Always store bigger items first so you’ll know how much space is left to move around and other activities. But before you do, you should clean it first. Check the condition your furniture is in and act accordingly. If anything needs additional protection, wrap it in blister packs or sheets. If you can remove parts and make it easier to handle, do it. And this is the moments where pallets and paddings come into attention. You shouldn’t place one of those solutions on the ground before you place your items on top. It is an extra layer of protection from moisture, dust, and similar.

    Furniture in a room.
    Check your furniture before storing it. Some you should refurnish and others you should just throw away.

    Now, the clothes

    Clothes are easy to pack, but hard to keep dry and mold-free. To do it properly, you’ll need a climate-controlled storage unit. The price does not vary much but the perk that comes with it is great. In any case, let the breeze in once in a while. To pack your clothes, you can use garbage bags or those fancy garment bags. Whatever is easier for you. Also, vacuum bags are a highly lucrative solution for this situation. And of course, air-tight plastic and metal containers. Although, if you store valuable pieces, make sure that you buy vacuum bags for all of them and seal everything tight. Not to mention that vacuum bags shrink a lot and provide more space to store other items.

    Pack for storage like a pro but do not forget the inventory list.

    Do not forget to keep track of all those items you store. While in the storing process, take notes and make an inventory list. Pair this with labelilng for an easier maneuver. Make sure that you label moving boxes adequately. Maybe to make a labeling system with colors, numbers, or with a detailed description of the content inside. Whatever is the most convenient for you.And there you go, now you know how to pack for storage like a pro. It is not so different from a regular packing. Just make sure to protect your unit against pests, dust, and moisture, and you’ll be fine. Good luck and may your unit serves you for years to come.

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