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    One of the biggest decisions in life is changing an address. First of all, we have to prepare for the move and pack. Then we have to conduct the move and make travel arrangements. One of the ways to make everything much easier is to hire Philadelphia movers. Still, the relocation is not completely over when the moving truck leaves you in front of your new home. You have to unpack, organize your new place and adapt to new surroundings. This can be hard and it could last for several months. Nevertheless, don’t worry as we have prepared a short guide that can help you minimize unpacking mistakes and continue with your life as soon as possible.

    Procrastination is one of the biggest unpacking mistakes

    One of the biggest unpacking mistakes that you could make is to procrastinate. Don’t let the lazy part of you win because you will be handsomely rewarded. Why is it important to unpack as soon as possible?

    • Other equally important tasks await you- There is a lot more to do starting from sorting out your relocation-related paperwork to learning where are the best stores, bars, and gyms.
    • You won’t be tripping on boxes-Do you really want to resume your life with a bunch of stuff lying around? It will be easier for you to get back into the routine if you have a clean and organized space.
    • Filth- Moving boxes are not the cleanest of items, especially since everyone has touched them during the transferring process. You do not want dust and filth in your home.

    All in all, the point is the following. There are several reasons to take care of the unpacking process as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more it will become complicated. Having this in mind, have a cup of coffee and get to work. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will finish.

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    Don’t be lazy. As soon as you finish, you will be pleased and then you can go back to your regular life routines.

    Rushing things is also a mistake

    As you can see, there are many benefits to unpacking your belongings as soon as possible. On the other hand, you don’t have to rush things because you could make mistakes. Remember to give yourself enough time to manage the entire move. From packing to unpacking. Relax, divide the relocation process into phases. If you don’t have enough time to do everything on your own, as you should not, we advise you to get the services of professional movers Narberth PA. Then you can rest assured that the job will be done swiftly and efficiently.

    Most unpacking mistakes are the result of improper packing strategies

    The simplest way of making the unpacking process a piece of cake is to pack everything properly. The best way to do it is to follow some of the proven packing methods. Also, you should make a packing inventory and follow it closely. It will help you to eliminate the chances of leaving anything behind while keeping everything organized at the same time. Keep the following in mind:

    • Declutter your home-The best time to sell, donate, or throw away everything that you don’t need is before the move.
    • Label the boxes- Create a labeling system that will help you to keep count of packed belongings. Use numbers or letters, or even color stickers.
    • Pack your belongings systematically- Use priority ratings when packing. Pack items with a low frequency of use first. Also, unpack them when everything else is done and dusted.

    The point is, you can avoid unpacking mistakes by paying attention to the packing process. What starts well will most likely end well. Keep this in mind. That is why it is important to have enough time for each phase of the relocation.

    Picture of a woman who did not make any packing or unpacking mistakes.
    If you wish to unpack efficiently you must first pack everything properly.

    What to do before you start unpacking your belongings

    Unpacking takes time because it involves several other tasks. Before you start unpacking those boxes, you should first take care of these things:

    • Cleaning your apartment. Cleaning your home is something that you should do immediately, regardless of how tired you are. There is a very good reason for this: It is much easier to clean an empty apartment.
    • Try to envisage how each room will look like- Decide where each piece of furniture will go so you don’t have to move it again because it is standing in the way. Save time by not doing the same things over and over again.
    • Count boxes one more time- Check if everything is safely delivered to your new apartment before you start unpacking. Don’t lose track of your belongings. Call the moving agency immediately if something is missing.

    It is important that you know what comes first and what comes last. Not having any order is a serious mistake when it comes to anything in life, especially things like unpacking that require organization and time.


    Picture of bottles that contain cleaning chemicals.
    One of the most common unpacking mistakes is that people unpack first and then they decide to clean their home.

    Some of the best unpacking strategies

    Unpacking is a process like any other process. This means you should organize and have a plan. Unpack room by room. This is a systematical approach that will save you a lot of time and energy. Moving experts agree that an ideal unpacking order should look like this: Kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and finally living rooms. You must remember that unpacking is a process that could last for several days. The main problem here is that you must continue with your daily activities in the meantime. Therefore, you will need certain things in order to function normally until the unpacking is over.

    Stressing out is one of the biggest unpacking mistakes

    All things considered, if you wish to unpack efficiently you have to make a strategy and follow it step by step. One thing is certain and that is that the best way to unpack is room by room. Last but not least, moving is a big change in your life, and you should try to embrace it. One of the biggest unpacking mistakes is to get nervous and frustrated. Think in a positive way and try to enjoy the whole process. After all, this is your home, and making your place nice and cozy should fill you with positive energy. One last reminder. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life and you want to kickstart it with a good attitude.

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