Living in Conshohocken, expensive or cheap?

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    Doing research before moving to a new town is very important because you will have an idea of what the city is like. In this article, we discuss living in Conshohocken. Is it cheap or expensive? What are the offers the city will provide? By doing this research, we hope to help you have a better understanding of what life in Conshohocken is like. Whenever we move, we tend to save as much money as possible regardless of the town we move in, the size of the house, or the way we decide to move. Hiring movers in greater Philadelphia area is the best way to ensure that your items arrive safely and on time. Let us continue to the topic at hand.

    Living in Conshohocken

    Conshohocken is a small borough that prides itself in being a small suburb. It is a town of about 8.000 residents, with the median age being around 32 years. The area was once considered the hub of industrial manufacturing, but in the near past, it became a pleasant residential community. Being only 15 miles northwest of Philadephia, it is a great place for people who do not want to live in a big city. It is a starting place for many large industrial corporations and is known for the big role it played in the areas of industrial development.

    A stack of dollars on the table.
    Saving money on every occasion can create high budget boosts during the move.

    Craft beers, Italian cuisine, and classical American dinners are often to be found in the area. So, finding a good place to fill your stomach will be an easy task. Although it is a small area, the borough has a lot of outdoor activities to provide for its residents. From hiking trails to large parks with different types of sports fields this area is perfect for people who desire an easy-pace lifestyle with lots of activities to indulge in. Hiring movers Conshohocken, PA will allow you to introduce yourself to the city without worrying about the relocation process.

    The cost of living in Conshohocken

    Comparing the cost of living in the area of Conshohocken with the average in the US, it is about 14% higher. However, it is about 21% more expensive to live in this area than in any other area of Philadephia. The average median house income in this area is about $85.861. The town streets are spacious and the traffic is light, which makes it a perfect place to save money by walking on foot or riding a bike. This is one of the ways you can reduce costs when living in this area. In this article, we will discuss the cost of the following aspects of living in this area:

    • Housing costs
    • Transportation costs
    • Job opportunities in the area

    These are some of the factors that can determine how often, and how much, you spend your money. Moreover, they will give us the best insight into what aspects of living in the area should you focus on.

    A man riding a bike in the sunset as one of the lovely things to do when living in Conshohocken.
    Because it is a small area with spacious streets, the area is perfect for biking or walking.

    Housing in Conshohocken

    At barely one square mile, this area is practically a neighborhood on its own. However, real estate can vary. You can find a nice balance of single-family homes and apartment complexes if you have a bigger budget. Near the townhomes, in the area, you can find Rowhomes, which have their 19th and 20th-century architecture and are available to rent or buy. The best way to describe the homes in Conshohocken is that they have a colonial charm or sleek modernity. Half of the population is renting their homes, while the other half has bought their home. Housing is the most expensive part of living in this area. The median home price is about $304.500.

    Transportation can save you money

    Because this is a small suburb area northwest of Philadelphia, there is not much traffic going on. For instance, because the area does not have a large population, most of the chores around town are done on foot. Spacious streets and light traffic make it perfect for those who do not want to start their car for a 5-minute drive. Because of this, you can save money by using less for gas. Moreover, it helps keep the environment of the city green and less polluted. So, if you like walking and staying active this will be the perfect way to save some money. Moreover, if you create an accurate budget for your relocation, you can rest assured that this is something that will save you some money.

    Can a job opportunity help you stay financially stable?

    The good thing about moving to this area is that you will find many different industries to work for. For instance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, education, and scientific technologies are some of the leading industries to find in the area. On top of that, the area has about a 20% higher income rate than the national average. Moreover, if you wish to pursue other careers, you can easily travel to Philadelphia which is only 15 miles away from the area.

    A woman on a job interview.
    Applying for a job within the local industries is the best way to secure a solid financial status.

    It is safe to say that the city has many job fields in which you can work. The city is rated 5th as the best suburb for young professionals. This makes it ideal for people who wish to pursue their careers in some of the fields the area has to offer.

    Is living in Conshohocken expensive or cheap?

    Well, honestly, that depends. The housing options are the most expensive thing you will experience in this area. From our point of view, living in Conshohocken is manageable when all the factors are taken into consideration. When relocating, pay attention to some unpacking mistakes that you should avoid, as they can inflict a higher financial toll on your budget. To put it in a perspective, with a steady job and a small adjustment to your expenses, living in this area is quite possible.

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