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    When you are moving with kids, you need to plan every single detail. From finding reliable Philadelphia movers to finding proper moving boxes, packing, and of course preparing your kids for the move. Kids are sensitive to every change, and moving to another home can be stressful. Preparing and packing your kid’s backpack is very important. They need to have their important things on hand during the move. From clothes to their favorite toy or book – you need to pack everything, yet you need to be practical.

    Should you be packing your kid’s backpack for the move?

    A lot of people are unsure about packing their kid’s backpacks for the move. Some of them don’t want additional tasks, while others want to make their kids as comfortable they can during the move. There are a lot of benefits to preparing your kid’s backpack for relocation. First, your kids will be comfortable. They will have their favorite toys, books, clothes. They will have them near them and they will feel safer. Second, the relocation with your kids will be easier. It will be much easier to calm them down if you give them their favorite toy.

    kids with a backpack sitting on the grass
    Packing your kids backpack can be an interesting and fun activity.

    When to start?

    If you are not sure when you should start packing kids backpack – the best advice is in the decluttering phase. You will have to declutter your home and prepare it for packing and moving. So, once you start decluttering and choosing what you will take – that is the best moment to gather all the things you plan to pack in your kid’s backpack. And do not worry, you will need to check your apartment before you leave – so you will be able to make sure that everything is packed and ready to go.

    Packing a kid’s backpack can be fun

    Since moving can be calling for your kids, you can include them in this activity. You can even plan to buy a new backpack that they want. It can be a different backpack for your kids, It should be big enough, but it could have some exciting features, or it can have some interesting decorations. Or even better, you can have a little DIY project and decorate it with your kids. It can be a great way to connect with your kids and to answer all of their questions about the move. Although it might seem they are not interested – your kids will be probably even interested in your choice of moving companies King of Prussia. It gives them a sense of security and control so they accept the relocation much easier.

    kid standing with a packed backpack
    Packing a backpack can be a fun activity.

    Let your kids voice their opinion

    Unless you are moving with a baby, let your kids voice their opinion. Ask them what they would like to have with them during the relocation, what is important. What they would like to snack or what they need to have fun. What would they like to pack regarding their clothes, etc? It is better to let them tell you everything, so that can truly feel comfortable with the relocation than to pack things you think they might need. Of course, you need to be practical since the kid’s backpack cant be too big.

    What you should pack into your kid’s backpack?

    Once you know what your kids want and need in their backpack, you can start planning and adding those items to your moving checklist. It is important to write everything down and plan. You should pack their essentials into the backpack. Things your kids might need.

    Clothes and hygiene products

    You should make sure that you pack some clothes in their backpack. It could be a pajama, an additional set of clothes, and additional socks. They should have some wipes, sanitizing gel for their hands. If you are moving long-distance and you plan to take a break and possibly sleep – make sure to pack a toothbrush. And make sure that your essential box contains some towels and linens.

    Snacks, games, and toys

    One of the most important categories is this one. Your kids will want to have a snack, so it is very important to pack enough snacks in the kid’s backpack. Pack only things that they like, but also at the same time make sure to pack things that won’t make them sick. You should also avoid snacks with too much sugar. When it comes to the games and toys, here you need to listen to your kids. Do they need some console or they need a book – the most important thing is that they will have fun and that they will feel comfortable? If you have younger kids, make sure to pack a couple of their favorite toys. You need to pack your kid’s backpack with all of their habits in mind.

    kid with toys while you are packing your kid's backpack
    Let your kids bring toys they really like.

    You can let your kid’s pack their own backpack

    This can be a great idea. You won’t be packing your kid’s backpack directly but you can supervise them. There are a lot of ways to make this interesting to them and one of the best is to print out photos with drawings of things they need to pack. Packing your kid’s backpack can be fun, and best of all your kids will have a lot of fun. Also, it can be a fun family activity where all of you can be included. You can even pack a few of your important memories into your kids’ backpack.

    Packing a kid’s backpack should be on the top of your list

    As you can see, packing your kid’s backpack doesn’t have to be a scary or demanding task. It can be a fun family activity where you can include your kids. And this can be something that will help your kids understand the relocation better and they will feel much more relaxed. This can also be a great bonding experience, where you can help your kids adjust to their new home.

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