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    Hiring a storage unit when relocating is a way to reduce the number of items you have to deal with on a moving day. However, if you opt for a storage unit there are several things you should consider. For instance, you should consider if renting a unit is a good choice during the winter. There are several storage problems during the winter you have to be ready for. In this article, we discuss all the problems you might face and a way to solve them. Hiring movers in Greater Philadelphia area can help you with relocation and storage options if that is what you need.

    Storage problems during the winter – what to look out for

    Although the winter is considered festive and joyful, sometimes you have to focus on other issues. Especially if you are moving during the holidays. Renting a storage unit when relocating is a good way to declutter and allow yourself to focus on one thing at a time. However, if you are moving during winter you should be ready for certain issues that might arise. Winter is a cold and humid period of the year where certain items might suffer damage if they have no adequate protection. To bring you closer to the situation, here are some of the main issues you might encounter: Hardened accessibility, pests, excess water, inadequately protected items…

    a man inside a storage unit working to prevent storage problems during the winter
    Visiting your storage unit frequently is the best way to ensure the items inside are safe.

    The whole point of renting a storage unit is that it protects your items while you focus on other parts of the move. To make sure that happens, you need to be ready for all the problems you can face. Moreover, keeping your storage sanitized and cleaning it from time to time is the best way to secure your items.

    Hardened accessibility

    The first type of problem during the winter is the ability to access your unit. Namely, due to heavy snow and excess water during the winter you might have trouble accessing your unit. You should regularly visit your unit and clear the pathway to it. Moreover, this way you can always know what the situation is and how to fix it. In case you do not visit your unit in a while, you can have issues with accessing it. Make sure you visit your unit at least once a month and make sure you can easily access it. If you are wondering “Is there any climate-controlled storage near me?” you should do the research and find out. Opting for a unit that is relatively close to you is the best way to make sure you can intervene in case of an emergency.

    Pests – one of the most common storage problems during the winter

    The biggest advantage of your storage unit is that it protects your items from any unwanting conditions and circumstances. One of those problems is having pests. Luckily, there are no real pest issues throughout the year as the weather is good. However, during the winter pests look for a warmer place they can shelter themselves. With cold weather and excess water due to heavy snow, there is a chance pests might inhabit your unit.

    a brown mouse standing on the ground and eating
    Pests are a common issue many people face during the winter in their storage units

    This is another reason why visiting your storage unit from time to time is a good idea. You can make sure there are no holes or places that pests can enter and potentially damage your items.

    Excess water

    Where there is snow there is water. Knowing this you should be on the lookout for any melting snow near your storage unit. If the snow melts, the water can easily enter your storage. For instance, items made out of wood might suffer damage in this scenario. Because you probably know what you have in the unit, you need to make sure nothing gets in contact with water. You can do that by elevating your items above the ground. This way you will ensure that the condition of those items is not in danger. Protecting belongings from water is the best way to ensure their longevity.

    Inadequately protected items

    If you did not apply enough protection for your items they might create a financial toll in the future. During the winter, especially in these types of scenarios, proper storage conditions are important. More importantly, knowing what items need extra protection is the best way to secure their condition. A lot of storage problems during the winter may occur by not applying proper protection for those items. This can also create additional stress, which is what you want to avoid, especially during the holidays. Make sure you protect the items inside the unit and see if there are any items that need special care. Rust and moisture are the two of the most common conditions your items might suffer from in a poorly protected environment.

    Being ready can prevent storage problems during the winter

    If you want to avoid any of, above mentioned, issues you should devote your time to your storage unit. This does not mean you need to visit it every day. However, you should decide and determine a certain time of the month or week when you will visit your unit. If you want to avoid storage problems during the winter you should do it before the winter starts. This way you will be ready for any potential issues and will react on time to protect the items inside it.

    two men looking at items inside a unit and rearranging them
    You should visit your unit frequently and see if there is anything that requires special care

    If you are done with relocation and have items inside a unit you should seek the best way to protect and maintain them. Especially if you are looking for a long-term renting agreement. Because your items will spend a lot of time in the unit, you should provide them with all conditions they require. Keep in mind everything that we have emphasize and you will avoid storage problems during the winter.

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