Who should you call for help besides your movers?

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    When it comes to moving, you simply can’t do it on your own, trust us. You’ll need all the help you can get, whether it is help from professionals, your friends, or family members. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome, for sure. However, getting help with your move might sound difficult to organize. Well, not when you know who should you call for help. Here are our ideas and propositions on this matter.

    Who should you call for help when it comes to moving?

    As you already know, relocations can get rough. Especially if you are inexperienced in that field. Therefore, the only logical advice, to begin with, is to tell you to get help from someone experienced. One of the most helpful solutions is to find reliable movers. That’s the beginning of this whole process. After you find the best professionals, you can be calm, as you are one big step closer to a stress-free relocation. As they will handle all with ease.

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    Your friends can help you with looking for the best moving help on the web.

    Who to call for help besides your movers?

    Okay, after you’ve found moving companies king of Prussia, there’s more to it. You can always find more help. And trust us, you are going to need it. So, there are several people you can rely on and call for help. For starters, your family members will surely agree to help you. Then, you can always count on your friends, as well. Also, every one of us has people for whom they also did favors. So, you can call them for help besides your movers, as well. Anyway, we’ll get into details on how to call for help and do it right.

    Besides your movers, who should you call for help and be okay about it?

    As we already mentioned, you have plenty of people in your life who rely on you from time to time. Therefore, those are the people you should ask for help. Those people are:

    • Your parents,
    • Siblings,
    • Your friends, the close ones and acquaintances,
    • Coworkers.

    Logically, your parents and your siblings can’t say no to you, right? When it comes to helping with your relocation, they can help in so many aspects. They can help you pack for a relocation. Also, they can do heavy work, such as carrying moving boxes, etc. However, don’t put too much on them. Leave some of the work for professionals, especially if there’s a need for moving furniture. Don’t risk your family members getting injured due to improper lifting and carrying. Leave that kind of tasks to professionals and make sure everyone remains safe.

    Call your friends and coworkers to help you

    Another trustworthy group you can rely on is a group of your closest friends. As your family members, they will help you in any way you ask them to. Whether is to help you with organizing a relocation, or to babysit, if you need help with your children. You name it, they’ll do it. Also, you should call your coworkers to help you, especially if you’ve helped them in a similar situation. That will also be a great way to get to know your colleagues better, right? However, you should know the most important packing guidelines.

    Three women with a kid.
    Call your friends if you need help with your kids while you’re organizing your relocation.

    How to convince your friends to help you?

    Sometimes, your friends will be reluctant to say yes to helping you move. That’s not because they don’t want to help you, but because they know how stressful and overwhelming relocations can get. Also, some of your friends might be indecisive, as they have many obligations in their homes. So, it will be up to you to recruit them properly. So, who should you call for help and how to do it right? Read on and find out.

    Tips on how to call your friend for help when moving

    • Be precise on what they’ll be moving. Meaning, you should know if you’re going to use a friend’s help to pack or to move boxes. That’s important because you’ll need to know how much this work is going to take. Or how many people will need to participate? Therefore, create an ideal moving checklist beforehand to be sure.
    • If you need special assistance, who should you call for help? If you’re wondering about this, that you need to plan it properly. So, if you need to dismantle furniture or disconnect appliances, think it through. Which of your many friends has the best knowledge and skills about that particular issue.
    • Plan the moving date and inform your friends about it. If you’ll call your friend for help, they should know when you’ll need them. It is considerate to let them know in advance. Especially if you’re moving on a working day or during the weekend or holidays.
    • Distribute tasks to your helpers. Besides your movers who are qualified for moving, your friends aren’t. So bear that in mind when distributing tasks. So, assign one person to do specific things. That way, you’ll be able to manage better the organization of the move. Also, for instance, you can give the disconnection of appliances to one friend. Then, packing crystal or china to another.

    Think about incentivizing your helping crew

    Sometimes, it will take more to convince people to help you with your relocation. People will help you if they love you and if you help them at other times, for sure. But sometimes, they will expect you to do something nice for them. No matter how often you helped them as well. So, you can always do something nice and call them for help. That includes movie tickets or a happy hour after the move. Also, they could be your first pick for the goods you’re donating. For example, books, decor, or kitchen supplies. Last but not least, pizza and beer. That’s always a good way, let’s be honest. The bottom line is, no matter what you choose to do, your helpers should feel appreciated.

    Women holding wine glasses
    After your friends and family help you with moving, organize a party for them and say thank you that way.

    The conclusion

    So, who should you call for help? After our tips, you surely have it all figured out. We wish you good fun while organizing your relocation with your closest ones.

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