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    Chester County is a truly beautiful place. It is a unique, charming place that carries the title of one of the best places to move to. It offers a lot, you will find your perfect place, home, or activity in no time. And when it comes to what to know about Chester County before you move – the best answer is everything! When you look for Philadelphia movers, they will tell you that most of their relocations are to Chester County. People love to live and move here!

    If you want to know more about Chester County – start your research!

    When you plan your relocation to Chester County and you want to learn more, online research is your best friend. If you do your research thoroughly you will know more about Chester County, but you will also find reliable movers in Chester County PA. And when it comes to a relocation – that is the most important thing! Chester County can offer you a lot of things. From dreamlike views to great tax rates.

    beautiful view of Chester County
    Chester County offers great views and scenic routes


    One of the main things that you should know about any place you plan to move to is its history and demographics. That way, you will be able to get a feeling about the place you are moving to.  Chester County is located west of Philadelphia. Locals usually refer to it as “Chesco”. Before you move here, you should know that it was one of the three original counties in Pennsylvania. William Penn is a person who was created in 1682. Today, it has become a part of Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD Metropolitan Statistical Area. Around 500,000 people live here and call Chester County home. This is just a small fraction of things you should know before you move here. It will give you a great head start!

    One of the things that Chester County offers is endless beauty

    When you move here, and people ask you what do you like the most – trust us, your answer will be beautiful and scenic views. Chester County offers some truly wonderful and beautiful places. Everything is green, and it is beautiful in the spring. We can assure you that a simple drive through your new home will help you to cope with moving stress. You will realize that the move was the right call, and you will love your new home.

    Also, one of the things you should know about Chester County is that it has a lot of preserved historic town centers, and they offer a unique window to the past. Walking through these beautiful places will be like a dream coming true!

    You can commute to Philadelphia

    There are not a lot of places that offer you an opportunity to live on a farm. You will be able to live that unique way of life, and you will be able to get a job in a big city. That opens a lot of options and a lot of opportunities. And the best part is that you can reach Philadelphia fast. You won’t have to spend hours commuting. From the furthest point, it won’t take you more than one hour to get to your work in Philadelphia. And if you plan to move here with your kids – this is a great place for them.

    train for commute is one of the things you should know about Chester County
    Commuting will be easy from Chester County

    Farms are an essential part of Chester County

    One of the interesting facts is that Chester County is located at the bottom of an old valley. That means that the soil is good and fertile. It means that you will be able to try to grow your own garden, and you will be able to plant almost any plant. Throughout history, this wonderful place has been an important center when it comes to agriculture. When it comes to what to know about Chester County – you should know that farms range from small family farms to rather large farms. Still, they are all beautiful and they offer you a great and unique place to live.

    One of the things to know about Chester County is its history

    When you move to Chester County, you will be surrounded by history. Wherever you go, you will learn something new and you will understand your new home better. You will easily find yourself buying and collecting souvenirs, that you might need a storage unit in Chester County. You will find things like 18th-century log cabins, Amish covered bridges, historic homes along the Main Line. And you will be surprised how rich history this place has.

    What to know about Chester County? Low taxes are a priority

    One of the things that you should learn about Chester County is that this is an ideal place to save money. If you want to know the numbers, the median effective property tax rate is 1.25%. The median property tax is $4,192 per year. And if you look at them, you can be sure that these are great numbers. Although it is worth mentioning that the state of Pennsylvania offers low taxes, Chester County has them even lower. And one of the best things is that there is no tax on retirement income.

    black piggy bank to save money
    Living in Chester County will help you save money

    The School system is great

    When you move with kids, one of the things that you want to know about Chester County is the school system. And here, you won’t have to worry at all. Chester County offers some of the best private and public schools in the whole region. So, you won’t have to worry about your kids and their education. Besides enjoying lovely views and historic facts every day, they will have a great start in their lives!

    You will be proud for living in Chester County

    One of the things that you won’t know about Chester County until you move here is how proud you will be to live here. Especially when you have guests over, and you show them around. The only thing you need to do is to find reliable PA movers, pack, check your apartment, and move. Unpacking will be much easier with a great view and a great vibe of a beautiful place like Chester County. Now, you read our what to know about Chester County guide and we hope that you found it useful.

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